This morning we woke up and began our day.  We started off with breakfast at the Hotel Aguado, then we all jumped into the vans and began our day.  Our first stop of the day was at Green Beach where one student had one of their presentations.  After a quick stop at the town near Green Beach we continued on our way with the drive.  Our next stop was the Dieppe Canadian War Cemetery.  This cemetery was very interesting, having a large amount of Canadians who died during the Dieppe Raid buried here.  While visiting this cemetery three students had soldier presentations.  There was also one grave site that had two brothers buried together who died about two years apart.  After visiting the cemetery we started driving again.  Today we had a longer drive from Dieppe to Normandy.  We had a quick stop at a gas station to grab snacks and have a stretch and then continued on with our drive.  Our first stop in Normandy was the First Canadian Parachute Battalion Monument.  This is where two other students and I did our presentation on the First Canadian Parachute Battalion on D-Day.  We each spoke about a different section of the presentation.  After we finished out presentations we moved on to the Pegasus Memorial.  All the students walked through the Pegasus Memorial Museum which was really interesting, but was a bit crowded with all the people visiting for the 75th anniversary of D-Day.  Once we completed visiting all the sites for the day we headed to a grocery store to do our shopping for the next week.  For the next week we are staying at Moulin Morin where we are able to cook our own meals.  After finishing with dinner we relaxed for the rest of the night and took a quick walk around the property to explore.

— Alysha McGuinness