It is with great pleasure that the Canadian Battlefield Foundation (CBF) learned in late October 2022 that our current CBF vice-president (France section), Nicole Hoffer and her late husband Hervé Hoffer, the former CBF vice president of (France section), were both awarded the Meritorious service decorations. They received these decorations for their remembrance work related to the D-Day landing and for their contribution to perpetuate the Canadian legacy on the Normandy beaches.

Ambassador Dion, on behalf of the Governor General of Canada, Her Excellency the Right Honourable Mary Simon, presented the medals in front of dignitaries, local representatives, members from the Juno Beach Centre and the Juno Committees, family and friends. Stéphane Dion commended these two exceptional individuals with the following words: Our country, Canada, gives thanks to Nicole Hoffer and her late husband Hervé Hoffer, for their unwavering commitment and their dedication to the history and sacrifice of the Canadian soldiers who participated in the 6 June 1944 landing. With this gesture, Canada recognizes the exceptional work, commitment and devotion of these French citizens toward remembrance work and for Canada.

Our most sincere congratulations to the extraordinary couple of Nicole and Hervé Hoffer who since 1984 welcomed with open arms Canadians and visitors from around the world who have a desire to better understand the tragedy and delight of the liberation of June 1944 nearly 79 years ago.