The Canadian Battlefields Foundation needs your help. Your membership fees and donations will help us keep alive the memory of the sacrifices made by young Canadians during World War II and other conflicts of the 20th century. Why give?

  • Our Memorial Garden at Caen helps Canadians and citizens of other countries visiting Normandy to understand and appreciate Canada’s role in the conflicts of the 20th century.
  • Our electronic, print and video publications complement these services for people everywhere.
  • Our bursary program provides the leaders and teachers of tomorrow with the knowledge and experience to continue the work we have started.
  • Even before our initial task of creating the Memorial Garden was completed (at a cost of $1.2 million), we began to build our bursary fund. From an initial capitalization of less than $200,000 in 1993, it has grown to more than $900,000 (December 2006). However, travel costs of the tours increases each year and the Bursary Fund will not be self-supporting until it totals $1 million. That’s our goal.

How much of our money is spent on our programs? That’s a question you should ask every charitable organization. We have no full-time staff; only a number of very dedicated volunteer directors and part-time contracted help. We don’t advertise and we don’t conduct expensive fund-raising campaigns.

That’s why less than 5% of the money we receive each year through membership fees and donations is spent on administration, and this includes two newsletters a year that are distributed to all members and supporters. Everything else goes directly to our programs.

Please help us continue and improve what we have begun. Become a member of the Canadian Battlefields Foundation. We won’t waste a penny of your donation.

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