Today was probably one of the most interesting days that I have found thus far. Starting of at the Australian memorial and monument for the First World War along with the Sir John Monash Center. This memorial was definitely one to remember as the way they told their story through their various films, posters, and artifacts was impressive. I was very happy to have been able to go to that memorial and pay my respects. We also spent the time to visit Dury Cemetery where we visited more graves of fallen soldiers. Following that we went on to learn about the Canal du Nord from one of the other students that did a presentation on it. I was not too familiar with this battle before the presentation, yet I learnt that there were 12 Victorian Crosses awarded. To end off our day we visited the Museum of the Great War in Perrone. I found this museum interesting as it had artifacts and Britain, French, Canadian, German, and American uniforms and what each soldier carried on their person each day. For the second time today, I had another great learning experience at a museum that I will never forgot.

— Mackenzie Sharkey