On June 6th, 2017 we had the wonderful opportunity to attend the D-Day ceremonies at Juno Beach. The feeling of standing at the sight where thousands of Canadians and other Allied troops came ashore and helped to liberate France and the other occupied countries was very humbling. Listening to the poems and the French locals speaking about their thankfulness for their countries liberation made many of us feel very proud to be Canadian and our countries involvement in World War Two.

We had the honour of attending three ceremonies on D-Day. One at Bernieres-Sur-Mer at Canada House, another at the Juno Beach Centre, and finally at Beny-Sur-Mer Cemetery. At all three of these ceremonies we had the opportunity to experience different local French D-Day ceremonies.

Students in our group also had the opportunity to lay wreaths at each of the ceremonies. For us Canadians to be involved in the ceremonies allowed us to be involved in the commemoration events was also a pleasure so we could be apart of this special day.

Brandee Blanchard